A positive experience on many levels

Our graduates explain how their photography class at Marsan has benefited them both personally and professionally.

Sandra Larochelle, student

“Photography Studies is an intensive immersion that develops the technical skills and a framework that is essential for getting into a business practice.”

Sandra Larochelle, student - Promo 2015

Marianne Larivière, student

“Studying at Marsan allowed me to grow and develop my creative eye. In addition to adding valuable tools to my bow, I have made wonderful knowledge and participated in outstanding projects. I highly recommend anyone who wants to venture into the world of photography!”

Marianne Larivière, student - Promo 2016

Marie-Eve Doyon, student

“My studies at Marsan allowed me to connect with the artist in me and to surround myself with people as different as each other, but all inhabited by a common passion.”

Marie-Eve Doyon, student - Promo 2018

Teachers testimonials


“I teach there because I believe in it! I believe in the competence of our team. I believe in the relevance of our program. I believe in the skill of our students. I believe in “putting technology at the service of ideas” (and not the other way around).”


Robert Geoffrion M.A.

Photographer and teacher at Marsan for the last twelve years

Pierre-Yves Côté, teacher

“My 18 years of teaching experience at Marsan is actually much more than a job experience. It’s my second family. And as in many families we stand together, we help and we respect each others. There is a healthy proximity between teacher and student. Which in many cases promotes better learning.”

Pierre-Yves Côté, teacher - Photographer and teacher

Sébastien Raymond, teacher

“In charge of developing creativity at Marsan, I have the privilege of accompanying students throughout their career. I try to provide everyone with the creative tools they need to better discover themselves through photography, and allow them to stand out with images that are personal to them. It’s a new challenge every time, and an exciting art adventure.”

Sébastien Raymond, teacher - Photographer and creativity teacher

Christel Bourque, teacher

“Marsan is a colorful, animated and warm team that nurtures and welcomes the creative processes of each individual without judgment. The college inspires me, because I gravitate around a diversity of artistic talents that I see flourish through exchanges and learning.”

Christel Bourque, teacher - Photographer and lecturer