M5 – Marsan’s best talents

M5 is an exhibition bringing together, under one roof, the best students in each class.

M5 – Marsan’s best talents

M5 is an exhibition bringing together, under one roof, the best student of each class. The college values excellence and positions itself as an important incubator of creative talent.

This is the conclusion from which was born the idea of M5 (M for Marsan and 5 for top five).

The annual event brings together the best 5 portfolios of the year, from each of the promotions.

Holding such an evening is a symbol of peer recognition and does not fail to attract the attention of the industry on our best talents. In addition to increasing the motivation of students in their academic career, we suggest the importance of discipline and daily attendance by this award. This exhibition is also born from the idea of encouraging student success and achievement. With this goal in mind, we encourage them to be present, to participate in the life of the college, to produce their work, and, in addition, a highly quality work; all to offer increased value to their degree.


©Yannis Guibinga


©Olivier Clertant


©Marie-France Lecuyer

Selection method for participants at the M5 exhibition

Students are selected according to two criteria: first, the quality of the academic path; second, the quality of the end-of-program portfolio.

This project is a catalyst for our students and for college.

New partners

Since 2017, important partners (Sony and McCord) accompany us in this process. The exhibition takes place in the fall at the McCord Museum and Sony presents the Emerging Photographer of the Year Award.