Viktor Diaz


Karima & Yousra

In this series I want to share the story of Karima and her daughter Yousra whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years.

Yousra is the youngest daughter of two, she is 13 years old and does many activities, but the one she has dedicated the most time to is swimming. She started when she was only 4 years old and she has been competing for 9 years now.

Karima is a hard-working person and very involved with her community, she always manages to find a way to help those around her. She is one of the people who welcomed me upon my arrival in Canada and she has been my friend ever since. Karima and her daughter are part of her neighborhood swimming team called “Club Aquatique du Sud-Ouest” together they are part of the group of volunteers who keep the club alive and Yousra is one of their experienced swimmers .

My intention is to show you the teamwork that both do, but much more importantly the affection with which they do it and the homely atmosphere that they create in the club’s activities and of course in their own home.

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