Collins Minyangadou


I’m a Malian photographer that’s based in Montreal with a background in psychology.

My photographic approach is based on sensuality and sexuality of women. My work involves empowering them and making them more comfortable in their own skin

My latest project revolves around sex workers.

I have taken sex workers with different years of experience that use a multitude of platforms to reach their clients (OnlyFans etc) but have never really done a shoot in studio or a boudoir shoot.

I interviewed them shortly about their job and learnt that some clients would pay for their clothes, their views on the future and consequences of their field of work.

Oftentimes, young people, your peers, are tricked into SW by being sold a promise that will never come true. We are told how easy it is to make money, how quickly we can rise above our circumstances. And once you’re in, it’s a slippery slope. We are told it is empowering to own and use our sexuality.

Even now, most sex workers aren’t solely sex workers. They have other jobs and cannot make ends meet. They literally will keep working at service jobs and supplement with OF or personals. That should tell you how the individuals who actually do the work, view the work.

I decided to shed a different light on this subject using my own aesthetic approach while portraying what their clients fetishize about them. Red in color psychology has been associated with excitement and passion which is a reoccuring color in my project. The models are put on a black background which eliminates any other distractions whilst symbolising sophistication, mystery and power.